The best solution for Internet addiction

I hate to admit it, but I spend way too much time holding and looking at my phone.  Whether its for email, internet or Facebook, there are times I think "you really should put this away and just enjoy being." That said, I'm not really addicted to the internet. Well, not to the point of needing treatment.

But if you know someone SERIOUSLY addicted to the internet, check this out! Next week, a hospital in Pennsylvania will be offering a 10-day program to treat internet addiction!

Seriously!  Check it out!  This is from

Starting next Monday, the voluntary inpatient program at the Bradford Regional Medical Center, in Bradford, Pa., promises to treat those who are addicted to the Internet. Addiction experts will treat patients at the hospital's behavioral health services department, the wing that also treats substance addiction.

The psychologist who created the program, Dr. Kimberly Young, told Fox News that Internet addiction may be more prevalent than substance addiction since it is "free, legal, and fat-free." 

Bradford Regional Medical Center will treat four people at a time in a 10-day program. They'll cut the patients off from internet for 72 hours to begin the treatment, in which they say the patients may show withdrawal symptoms.  They will also take part in group therapy, undergo psychological evaluations and learn how to safely use the Internet without getting hooked.

Gotta be honest, I'd probably go through withdrawal if I didn't have the internet for 72 hours!