Mary Poppins is 50 years old. The Disney classic debuted in August of 1964.

The original is practically perfect in every way, but that won't stop us from dreaming about who might star in a remake.

I've been watching some classic movies with my kids this summer. These are movies they've never seen before, but other generations have grown up on.

One of the movies we watched is Mary Poppins.

My kids loved it.

Mary Poppins hasn't lost a thing in 50 years, but in the age of remakes and reboots it's not hard to imagine Disney giving Mary Poppins another try.

If any hope of living up to the original exists it would start with getting the perfect cast.

Exactly who would that be?

Here's my ideas on who to cast in Mary Poppins in 2014.

MARY POPPINS (Julie Andrews)

Obviously, the casting of this role will make or break the movie. Good thing the actress who should play this part is so obvious. Amy Adams.

Adams is a perfect fit as her previous roles have shown her to have a cheery disposition and the ability to give commands, both job requirements according to the Banks family.

A little singing experience never hurt either.


The role of Bert requires a strong knack for comedic acting, with a heavy emphasis on physical humor. I can't picture anyone but Jim Carrey in this role.

Jim Carrey knows a thing or two about physical humor.

Dick Van Dyke is a Jim Carey fan too. It seems like a natural fit.

MR. BANKS (David Tomlinson) & MRS. BANKS (Glynis Johns)

Wouldn't seem right without at least one British actor.

JANE BANKS (Karen Dotrice) & MICHAEL BANKS (Matthew Garber)

The brother and sister team of Jane and Michael Banks has to be cute. I'm not sure that many other qualifications are needed.

Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson would bring the role of the maids to new levels of hilarity.

An all-star cast for an all-star movie.

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