Here at The River we're always looking for fun things that you and the family can enjoy.  We're also looking for need-to-know information that will keep your family safe.

When I saw this recall notice, I wanted to get it to you ASAP.  There are two separate recalls here, both of them for Honda vehicles.


Honda is recalling over 500,000 Accord cars because of a defective power steering hose.  The hose can leak fluid and possibly catch fire.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the hoses can deteriorate prematurely, causing cracks and leaks.

Model years affected are 2003-2007 equipped with V6 engines.

Honda will replace the hoses for free, but won't have parts until early next year.  If you think your car has a leak, take it to a dealer.

Earlier this year, Honda recalled several thousand CR-V and Pilot vehicles because of a potential headlight problem.  This week, they expanded that recall to cover over 800,000 vehicles.
In addition to the CR-V and Pilot lines, Honda just added 2002-2003 Civic sedans and 2004-2005 Pilot SUV's.
Honda said a problem with the headlight switch wiring may cause the low-beams to fail.  Make an appointment at your dealer; they will inspect and replace components of the headlight wiring system, if needed.
There have been NO injuries, crashes or deaths as a result of these problems.