Have another recall to tell you about.  This one is for certain BMW vehicles.

Approximately 76,000 BMW cars in the United States are affected by this recall, which was spawned after problems with the power brakes.  Apparently a problem with the power brake pump could cause problems with, you guessed it, your power brakes.

This does NOT mean that you'll lose braking ability, it just means that you'll have to push harder on the pedal because the "power brake assistance" isn't available.

The recall covers several 2012 to 2014 model years that have two-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engines.  Vehicles included in this recall are:

  • 2012-14 BMW 320i and 328i sedans
  • 2014 328i xDrive Sports wagons
  • 2012-13 BMW 528i sedans
  • 2013-14 BMW X1 sDrive28i and X1 xDrive28i SUVs
  • 2013-14 BMW X3 xDrive28i SUVs
  • 2012-14 BMW Z4 sDrive28i sports cars

You can read more detailed information at the Examiner or New York Times.