Are you ready for some really nifty gift ideas for Christmas?   If there's a buck to be made, someone will do it.  And, if you're stuck in trying to find that "perfect gift,"  boy do I have some ideas for you.   Try these on for size.

1.   Pooping Reindeer Holiday Sweater - if you're looking for something really tacky, you've found it for only $28.99 

2.   Giant Christmas Tree Hat - a towering pinnacle of tinsel, lights and decorations for only $12.99

3.   Grow Snow - you can create a blizzard on a table.  Just fill a small dish with water, add special powder and watch it make snow.  It's only $4.99

4.   Mistletoe-To-Go -an arrangement of faux mistletoe attached to a suction cup.  You slap it on your forehead and pucker up!  It's only $11.99

5.   Inflatable Mooning Santa - just what you want on your lawn.  It's 49-inch-tall Santa dropping his drawers for only $17.49