The Rapid's request for a 15.6  million dollar millage increase was approved by voters last night by a mere 136 votes.

The close election was in doubt thorough out the night.The millage passed after yes voters in Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapid overpowered a majority of negative votes from Kentwood, Wyoming, Grandville and Walker.

The results were a dramatic reversal of a 2009 transit millage vote where no votes cast in Walker, Wyoming, Grandville and Kentwood overpowered yes votes cast in Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids.


Lots of people are struggling with the high cost of gas.  Many folks can't afford to drive to work.  Riding the Rapid has been proven to save money.  It's nice to see that West Michigan voted with its heart and not just its pocketbook on this issue.

Rapid leaders say they will set aboutordering 17 buses and hiring 51 new drivers to implement service improvements and for the high-speed Silver Line rapid bus route to be built on Division Avenue.