It's so exciting, Hawaii in April, for 13-days!

This could be your dream come true, 13-days in paradise, Hawaii.  And, 100.5 The River and YMT Vacations can make it come true.  But, you had better hurry.

We only have room for 6 our 7 more Hawaii lovin' people, and I just know that's you.  So, to book your dream trip, all you have to do is call YMT at 1-800-736-7300.  What's that phone number again?  1-800-736-7300!

We have all the information about the trip right here on our website, so to access it just CLICK HERE!

Think of it.  First, we fly from here, Gerald R. Ford International Airport.  We spend 13-days in Hawaii, staying in beautiful hotels on four islands, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.  We have our own tour guide to escort us around all of the islands, have lots of time to ourselves, and more.  And, all of that will only cost from $2938.00 per person.  Only your food is extra...and shopping, of course.

Better hurry!  As I said, we have room for 6 or 7 more, so make it be YOU!