If you're an animal lover, this story will make you say "awww, so sweet." Meet Lentil!

Lentil is a 4-month old French Bulldog born with a primary and secondary cleft palate, which makes eating very dangerous and life-threatening.

His foster mom set up a Facebook page that helped raise money, not only for Lentil to have surgery but to also raise awareness for kids with the same medical condition.  So far, the page has raised over $70,000 and any funds not used for his surgery will go to animal shelters and the Children's Craniofacial Association.

Lentil is in surgery today at University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Center.

Because of the special nature of this medical condition, the vets at UPenn made a video of his initial consultation...

And here is a super cute video of Lentil being fed through a tube, when he was just a tiny little guy!