Kids' Food Basket provides Sack Suppers to 6,000 children in West Michigan each weekday.

A new video shows the impact that those suppers have and the importance of continuing to support the great work they do at Kids' Food Basket.

The Sack Suppers from Kids' Food Basket serve kids in the Grand Rapids and Muskegon areas. The impact they provide is huge, but it doesn't come easily. It takes 175 volunteers every day to make it all possible.

Volunteers of all ages pack suppers, decorate bags, make deliveries, and much more.

The Sack Suppers include:

  • One serving of fruit
  • One serving of vegetable
  • Meat and cheese sandwich
  • 100% fruit juice box
  • Granola bar
  • Healthy snack
  • A special snack pack on Friday, to help on the weekends

The video below shows the importance of the suppers and how grateful the parents and children who receive them are.

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