Anybody want to buy a pig, a really BIG pig?

Do I have a deal for you.

WZZM TV13 reports a giant ArtPrize finalist is looking for a new home.  The team behind The Steam Pig Experiment is putting the piece up for sale to help cover outstanding vendor bills and to free up space.

The 36 foot tall pig sits in the parking lot of the B.O.B.  It has become a landmark in downtown Grand Rapids.  Artist Thomas Birks says people from as far away as the Philippines are interested in the piece, but he would like it to stay in the community.

West Michigan residents have some interesting ideas for the pig.

Scott Smith, wants The Steam Pig Experiment to stay in downtown.  He says, "I think that it's unique... it should stay here."

Roxi Brewer works downtown.  She says, "I think it should move to Famous Dave's.  I think it would be a great place to be.  It would go awesome with their barbecue menu."

The price of The Steam Pig Experiment is negotiable but will include moving costs.  Birks estimates it will take five to six semis and two to three days to break down and move the piece.