I'm always intrigued by how smart certain animals are.  Dogs.  Cats.  Rabbits.  Ducks.  And so on.

So I wanted to share this story from a friend of mine about a bird that frequents their birdfeeder in the yard...

Last night as I was coming in the house after work, I noticed the birdfeeder was a bit low. Just a few minutes ago, I heard a pecking sound at my office window.  In the past, Tess has told me about an insistent little chickadee who will peck on the window when he wants dinner.  I met Mr. Chickadee this morning. And all is well, the birdfeeder is full and he is now eating lunch. What amazes me first is that he "knows" where the food comes from...but also which window to peck on to get his way.

Simple things in life = amazing.