Panda, a 10-year old cat visited us today for Wet Nose Wednesday.  I need a good home, he said.  What about you?Trudy, from the Humane Society of West Michigan, brought Panda to visit.  I know I always say the pet-of-the-week is a sweet pet, but, what a sweet cat!  Being a 'senior cat,' Panda is so laid back that he really would fit into any living situation, a single, couple, family, whatever.  Panda has a best-buddy, also 10-years old, and they should be adopted together.  They really are no muss, no fuss.  Better news, Panda is FREE, since he's over 7-years of age, and the same for his buddy, FREE!

A reminder, the month of May is Feline Frenzy.  With an abundance of cats at the Humane Society, when you adopt one, you may have another free.  Yes, no charge!  Cost is only $5 for all cats.  Kittens are a bit more, $75, but, same offer applies, adopts one, the second is Free.

You can get all the information at their website,, and by calling 616-453-8900.