I never been to the opera before, but I have seen an adaptation on TV.  Bugs Bunny, of course.  Most of us of a certain age remember Bugs doing a hair dance of the top of Elmer Fudd's bald head.  The music from that memorable cartoon is hard to forget.  Opera Grand Rapids is presenting, "The Barber of Seville" this Friday and Saturday at Devos Hall and I'm thinking about going!

In what is probably the most beloved comedy in all of opera, pure silliness and hilarious situations abound, clothed in the brilliance of bel canto opera at its best! With the assistance of Seville’s famous barber, Figaro, the lovely Rosina tries to avoid the marriage intentions of her withered old guardian, Dr. Bartolo. She much prefers her handsome young suitor instead, who just happens to be Count Almaviva in disguise! With a zany plot full of mayhem, mistaken identities and madcap fun, matters of the heart come to a beautifully comic conclusion that will leave you laughing long after the final curtain comes down.

Opera Grand Rapids

Don't expect to see me in a tux.  Sarah from Opera Grand Rapids says some opera go'ers come dressed to the nines, while others just wear blue jeans.  For my first opera, I want it to be a causal experience.  And if it reminds me of watching Bugs Bunny when I was kid, that makes it all the better.