Just when we thought the price of gas had, somewhat, stabilized, things go wacky.  So now, we're hearing that conditions are ripe for a marked increase in the price of gasoline.

According to GasBuddy.com, the price is already up.

It looks like there are production woes at multiple refineries in the Midwest, along with the governments shut down of the Enbridge Energy Partners' 427-mile pipeline from Canada to Chicago.

The Enbridge pipe ruptured last week, spilling 50,400 gallons of crude oil. The government shut down its reopening until Enbridge could offer a fix.

Woe is us!  Most stations raised their prices yesterday with others quickly following.  It looks like the lowest area price may be $3.69 with most of us seeing $3.79.  Ugh!

Sucks to be in Chicago, though.  The price there seems to be around $4.29!