Stories like this put a smile on my face because they give kids incentive to do "stuff" that matters.  In this case, the stuff that matters is raising money for "Jump Rope For Heart."

Kellie Kieren is a phys ed teacher at North Park Montessori.  Ms. Kieren challenged her students to raise money for the American Heart Association and "Jump Rope For Heart."  Her deal with students was:

  • At $2,500 total raised, she would dye her hair bright red.
  • At $3,000 total raised, she would let the students duct tape her to the wall.
  • At $3,500 total raised, students who raised the most money get to throw a pie at her while she was taped to the wall.

The school has exceeded ALL of those incentives.  So, this Friday, there is a school assembly so kids can celebrate success and watch Ms. Kieren get duct taped and hit with pie.

I'm certain the kids will LOVE it.  And to you Ms. Kieren, THANK YOU for being an inspiring educator.