Is this for real?  Kids 6 and under are now banned from McDains Restaurant in Pennsylvania. The owners problem isn't so much with the kids but with their parents.  I agree!   Some people are just so inconsiderate.  What makes you think that I want to hear your screaming, disruptive kids while I am trying to enjoy a nice meal with friends and family.  If I ever behaved that way as a child, and by the way I didn't, my parents would have simply scooped me up and left.  Why?  Because they are human beings who are considerate of others.  Too bad it had to come to this but I'm glad it did!  If you cannot control your child it's probably best to eat at McDonalds or some other child friendly restaurant.  The only other alternative is to teach them how to behave in public.  Wow, what a concept  huh!