Mizuno JPX 800

Many of you know that Chuck and I are considered Mizuno Staff players in golf.  Now, don't get excited.  Muzino has participated in the Andy & Chuck Summer Golf Tour for several years, so we're proud to represent them.  And, yes we play with Mizuno clubs and have all of the equipment, bags, hats, gloves, etc. so we look really good.  Now all we need is the "game" to be complete.

Darrell Desgranges, our Mizuno guru and golf teacher sent me a news release about an exciting new set of Mizuno irons.  You'll want to read on.

How far do you hit your 6-iron?

Mizuno insists you can hit their 6-iron farther.

More than 10 yards farther.

You can prove it yourself at the company's JPX-800 Swing to Win Challenge across the country, where golfers can put their current clubs up against Mizuno's latest line of irons. To kick off the challenge earlier this year, 100 golfers tested the JPX-800 6-iron and 99 hit the club farther than their current club — averaging a 12.48-yards increase, the company said.

The challenge is running across the country at local golf retailers and Mizuno demo events (for more information: Go to mizunochallenge.com).

New world No. 1 Luke Donald gave the JPX-800 irons a try in the offseason. In his tests, he quickly discovered he could hit the JPX-800 irons longer than his Mizuno MP irons. Too long, it turns out. He stayed with his Mizuno MP irons despite the added distance.

"I was easily gaining 10 yards with each club," Donald said. "But I couldn't make the switch because I would have had to go through my whole bag and change every club, and I just didn't have time.

"There is no doubt the amateur player, high handicap or not, will gain distance with the JPX-800s. And they don't have to take my word or it. The Mizuno challenge is a great way to find out how good these irons are and what they can do for your game. You can find out what shaft is right for you, too. There really is a difference."

The irons combine Max COR technology, Hot Metal construction and an exotic pocket cavity to create the maximum allowable limits for energy transfer. The club does look slightly different than normal irons, with the sole wider and the different cavity back. With the size of the irons, golfers can feel more confident that they will make a solid strike.

LPGA tour star Stacy Lewis tested the irons in the offseason, too. She made the switch and gained more than 10 yards per club. Armed with the extra length, and stronger from an offseason lifting and exercise program, Lewis won the LPGA tour's first major of the season, the Kraft Nabisco Championship.

"I love how the club looks, the ball flight off the clubs, and, of course, the extra distance I now have," Lewis said. "And I can still shape shots."

Interested?  Just contact Chuck or me and we'll help set you up with Darrell to try them, or any Mizuno club,  and get your game "fit."