Nearly 1,000 trumpeters have been in Grand Rapids this last week, attending the International Trumpet Guild Conference.  They have been "blowing" the socks off each other, and the general public with seminars and performances.

Tonight, in DeVos Place, Steelcase Ballrooms, will be the final public concert at 9 p.m.  What a night it will be featuring Grammy Award Winner, Arturo Sandoval and more.  You still may be able to get tickets at

On Friday's morning show, Paul Andrews, facilities manager of the conference, and trumpeter, Jeff Uban visited the studio.  Jeff play a little "riff" for us, and proved once and for all that Dick Dunham, my Jr. High./Sr. High, band director, was correct when he said I should not be playing the trumpet any longer, and moved me to a tuba!  Oh, the pain of it all.

Here is how it went.