While we at The River often try to make your day better by sharing fun videos of animals being their adorable selves, we also want to update you on cases in Michigan involving the mistreatment, or possible endangerment of our animal companions.

Back in October of 2011, Timothy Cregg of Muskegon beat his puppy with a hammer before disposing of the injured dog. The puppy was found in a trash bin before it unfortunately had to be euthanized.

Cregg was faced with animal cruelty charges, and when the trial took place last month, Cregg pleaded guilty. His reasoning behind the attack was because, “it ruined his comforter.”

Cregg was subsequently sentenced to “serve 221 days in jail with five years probation,” and “may not have pets of any kind” (WZZM).

We’re honestly thankful that Cregg will no longer be lawfully allowed to own any pets in the future, and if this case inspires any reaction from you, we hope it’s consideration for the local animals in your community.