If you're planning on getting gussied up and hitting the town for New Year's, you're in the minority.

According to a new survey by Barefoot Bubbly, about two-thirds of Americans will celebrate New Year's Eve. Of those, 54 percent will do so at home.

It doesn't seem like people want the hassle of going out. Sixty-two percent say New Year's Eve typically doesn't meet the hopes they have, while 84 percent "experienced celebration woes."

Seventy-two percent said the best New Year's Eve they remember took place at their home or in the home of a loved one.

Among people who've gone out, 76 percent spent $240 more than they planned. It could very well be spent on alcohol -- 64% say they will drink champagne to ring in 2014.

As for who folks would like to lock lips with at midnight: 28 percent of women chose Hugh Jackman, while 35 percent of men picked Sandra Bullock.