Each of us who play golf with any regularity, isn't it really all about us.  Sure, it's nice to be outside with friends, and the beauty of the golf course is really something.  I get that.   Am I wrong in saying golf is really about us...the golfer.  We try to dress the part.  We sure as heck try to play the part.   Nothing feels as good as a well struck golf shot -- I mean one we tried to pull off.   Yes, I am pleased when my friends, partners or even my wife hit a good shot.  I'm even more pleased when I do it.  Pitiful, but honest.   I'll be you are no different.  That is why we watch the golf channel and read all those golf articles.  So, what does it take to get better at golf.   Golf guru to the stars,  Dr. Bob Rotella says it has a lot to do with what is between the ears.