Authorities in Louisiana's Jefferson Parish have booked Jessica Ockman, 33,  on various charges after she left her 20-month-old son in a car for over an hour. The boy wasn't by himself in the car, mind you. Nope - he was in the company of a woman who just so happened to be dead.

Police were called to a gas station last Friday after employees found Ockman passed out in the bathroom. They also stumbled upon her son and the dead body of Shelby Fleming, 22, in Ockman's car, sitting at one of the pumps.

Ockman was booked on child desertion and other drug charges, since officers found marijuana, a lighter and a spoon. On a positive note, she has not been charged in connection with Fleming's death, which is still being investigated.

Ockman's son was taken to a hospital, although it's unclear how he's doing.

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