Michigan's unemployment rate is still one of the highest in the nation at 9.9%.  For those tens of thousands still unemployed, the news just got a little worse.

For the next five months those unemployed will not be getting the money they have come to rely on.  The state of Michigan will cease getting Federal extended unemployment benefits later this month.  With so many unemployed over the past couple years unemployed workers could collect benefits for 99 weeks. But starting this month, that number of weeks will go to 79.  With no jobs available and none in the foreseeable future what will happen to the thousands of people without benefits and no jobs?

Local food pantries are already bracing for increased demand and they are already stressed to the limit.  Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank spokesperson Ken Estelle says it's just another call to action for people to donate if you can and please help those still in need.

It's a catch 22 because we could get those federally funded benefits back but that would mean more people have to lose their job.