Michigan State University students living in dorms have something new to look forward to this fall.

Free laundry!  (although "look forward to" might be pushing it)

MSU is offering free laundry to encourage students to live in dorms.

Is it a good idea?

There are other universities across the country who already offer free laundry to dorm residents.  All share the same goal of trying to keep more students living on campus.

Of course, students appreciate the chance to save money.  Freep.com reports:

MSU estimates the average student does about 18 loads of laundry per semester, which equates to about $90 per year. Overall, MSU students spent more than $1.3 million on laundry last year, school officials said.

The laundry is "free", but of portion of that $1.3 million will not be coming in and has to be made up somewhere.  As long as that cost is absorbed into the overall cost of living in a dorm and not shared by students who live off-campus, I think the "free" laundry is a good idea.