You've probably heard the story about Whitney Kropp.  Whitney is from Alger, Michigan, and was nominated to the homecoming court at her high school.  Nice, right?

Not so much.  Some really insensitive classmates thought it would be funny if the homecoming queen was actually someone unpopular.  Thankfully, it backfired on those cowards ... once the story got out, the community UNITED behind Whitney; they're planning a show of solidarity at the homecoming football game and various stores are offering her an updo, nails, makeup, a gown, shoes and other things.

There's even a Facebook page to support Whitney HERE that's over 99,000 likes.

It seems to me that bullying has gotten a lot worse in the internet age.  Although I was bullied in grade school - the only kid with zits, geeky brown-frame glasses and a lower voice in 5th grade - I can't imagine dealing with it via social media.  Even my niece, Anna, was bullied on her Facebook page and that really troubled me.

What does this increase in bullying say about the PARENTS?  Have the bullies of the last generation now produced spawn with even less sensitivity?  Let's be honest.  There are plenty of parents who shouldn't be parents.  Lots of people popping out kids who are hardly qualified to own a fish, let alone an actual human that needs love, guidance and discipline.

I don't have the answers, but I can say that our society simply can't go on treating each other so poorly.  Would love to hear your thoughts.