Here is good Health Insurance news for Michigan Seniors.   Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says talks with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan have led to a reduction in the plan rate increases for supplemental health insurance for Medicare recipients.

The nonprofit company is Michigan's leading health insurer, covering 4.4 million of the state's 9.9 million residents.

The Associated Press reported that Schuette's office said Tuesday the talks involved Blue Cross, his office, and the state Office of Finance and Insurance Regulation.

He says Blue Cross was seeking an average increase of 21.7 percent in the rates for 215,000 Medigap customers effective Aug. 1.

Instead, the Blues now will raise rates by 9 percent across the board. Schuette says that will save Michigan Medigap customers $35 million.

Blue Cross Vice President Andrew Hetzel says he's pleased the increase will be in single digits.