Summer is all about taking it slow and finding time to have fun and relax.

Some cats understand this just as well as humans.

Ludwig from Crash's Landing is one of those cats.

Crash's Landing is a non-profit, no-kill cat rescue center.  Since opening in Grand Rapids in 2002, Crash's Landing has helped over 2,500 cats, but there is still work to be done.

Every Friday is Purrrfect Friday on 100.5 The River.  We feature a cat from Crash's Landing that needs a home.  This week we're spotlighting Ludwig.

Ludwig was born in January 2007.  Two years later he was at Harbor Humane Society where he tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

Harbor Humane Society gave Crash's Landing a call to see if they could take him in.  Crash's Landing took him in and have given him all of the care and attention he needs.

Ludwig was in rough shape when he first came to Crash's Landing.  An ear infection, tapeworms, FIV, and stomatitis all required treatment.  Now, Ludwig is doing great thanks to Crash's Landing.

Ludwig is very laid back.  He one of the most mellow cats at Crash's Landing.  He would make a great addition to your family!

Can you adopt Ludwig?

Can't adopt, but still want to help?