I'm proud to say that the Townsquare Media Grilling Team took 3rd place in the cookoff last night.

Media teams from radio and television stations competed at the Knapp's Crossing D&W Fresh Market.  We had a ball.  Each team was given a bag of food, the same for each, and you had to create a dish in 30 minutes.  Five professional chefs from area cooking schools and restaurants were the judges.  It was a daunting task, but our team of Gene Parker, Matt Hendricks, Craig Russell and myself, was up to the challenge

Steak was the main course, so how can you go wrong, right?  Well, you had to use all of the food in the bag and one ingredients was peanut butter.  Huh?  Peanut butter?

We decided on a steak salad with a peanut sauce.  We added some grilled mango, mushrooms and onion, and, on the side was some couscous.  It was "killer" if I do say so myself.

The nice thing about the competition is that all of us media types are friends.  Some, of course, we know better than others, but I admire each one and appreciate what they do for the community.  The competition was fun.

In the end we beat out all of the radio stations and only lost to TV13, last years winner, and TV8, this years winner.  I might add, each TV station brought their own professional chef to help.  Hmmmmm!  Can you say, "next year!"

Here is our final presentation.