All of us probably think that being a singing star/recording artist is all glamor.  You can make LOTS of money, get rich and live the good life.  And, that's how much of the media portrays the life of many singers.

We get to see the good and, of course, the bad times of a star, but not much else.  We don't get a look at their down time.

There are a lot of good singing artists out their who give their time to others and don't expect any money.  Their  reward is making other peoples lives a bit better.

Vanguard recording artist Matt Nathanson, a singer heard on 100.5 The River, recently spent some time of his own with kids at the Philadelphia Children's Hospital.   Matt sang, gave an interview, signed autographs, and took photos with the kids. It was also broadcast into the rooms of patients who were too sick to attend the show.

Pretty cool, Matt.

Enjoy Matt's hit "Come On Get Higher."