Don't you just love a good love story.  Here's one for you.  The story of Bill and Edna.

William and Edna Kreger were nearly inseparable from the time the met.

But, all love stories have to end sometime, and this one ended this past weekend.

The former mayor of Wyandotte, and business man, died Friday at the age of 96. Edna Kreger, 97, died the next morning, just about 12 hours later.

It's a heart warming story of two teenagers in love, who spent their life together.  They met  at Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte,  married, had six children and were together for 76 years.

William Kreger served as the mayor of Wyandotte from 1950-1956, according to the city’s website. He spent several years on the Wayne County Commission and the board of commissioners for Huron-Clinton Metroparks.  He owned Coca-Cola bottling facilities and was a former publisher of the News-Herald family of newspapers.

William and Edna Kreger enjoyed traveling. they traveled to Russia, China, New Zealand and Australia.

On Thursday, William Kreger had an accident.  He fell and hit his head at home.

He was taken to Henry Ford Hospital, and died a few hours later.

Meanwhile  Edna was at her home. One of her daughters was with Edna, as she had dementia and was under hospice care.

Edna's daughter, who had been staying with Edna to assist in her care, woke up early Saturday morning and said she strongly felt the presence of their father.

Dismissing it, she made coffee and took a shower. When she got out, Edna had died.

Is this the sad ending of a wonderful life.  Not at all.  It's an event to be celebrated. William had come back for Edna.

Maybe that love story didn't end after all.  It just began a new journey.