Mark Wahlberg and his brothers Donnie and Paul are opening a restaurant in the Boston area.

Can you say Wahlburgers?

Actor Mark Wahlberg, known for the TV series Entourage and the next-to-the-most-recent Planet of the Apes movie, and also for his sharp temper, has teamed up with his brother Donnie for an entrepreneurial foray.

You may remember Donnie from New Kids On The Block, or from his own acting career.

And as it turns out, there is another Wahlberg brother at the ready for this one. Paul Wahlberg is a chef in Hingham, Massachusetts. According to The Boston Herald, he will be lending his talents and cranking out the Wahlburgers.

Yes, the name of the restaurant really will be Wahlburgers.

The group already has an Italian restaurant in Hingham, and there are plans for a pizza place as well.

I'd like to try a Wahlburger if I can make it out to the Boston area, but if Mark is around and I don't like the way it tastes, I think I'll just keep that to myself.

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