Back to school shopping this weekend for kid's clothes. Sure wish Michigan had one of those "tax-free" shopping weekends. We'll also be getting our pantry restocked for school lunches. Vanessa and I usually split those duties, one week I'll make lunches, next week she will. Funny, the kids always know who made the lunch. Dad's sandwiches are not nearly as uniform or pleasing to the eye. Vanessa obsesses over making sure the condiments are spread evenly and equally across each piece of bread. Me, I just slap em together and get it over with.

Paula Deen is getting the nod as the celebrity chef most would want to have packing their kids' school lunches. Thirty-five-percent of those taking part in a poll say they'd prefer sending their children off with a meal prepared by the star who's know for her down-home Southern cuisine. But Giada De Laurentiis takes a rather close second place, as the choice of 28-percent. Just 17-percent would want Bobby Flay to handle the chore, while Rachael Ray would get the call from just 14-percent. Melissa D'Arabian trails the pack with just seven-percent of the vote.