I've always been a believer that you only get one shot at a first impression.  Don't get me wrong; there have been times that I wish I had made a better impression.  It seems that, inevitably, when you think you won't see anyone that's terribly important, those are the days you do!

Take for example, days that you wear an outfit that's just "okay" because you don't think there will be anyone that important in your day.  Those are the days when your direct supervisor says that his or her boss will be in for the day.  Or the day you run across the hiring manager for a business where you'd really like to work.  You feel my pain?

Today, a site called "Moo.com" released a survey of small business owners asking what makes a really bad first impression.

The top 5 worst ways to make a first impression?

  • #5 - A limp handshake (7%)
  • #4 - Boring conversation (12%)
  • #3 - Unpleasant appearance (19%)
  • #2 - Bad breath (20%)
  • #1 - No eye contact (31%)

What's the worst first impression YOU have made?  What's the worst first impression someone else has made on YOU?