The flu season continues at elevated levels in West Michigan and across the entire state.

The peak flu level this flu season hasn't reached the peak levels of many other years, but the total length of our current flu season is much longer than most.

The latest flu report from the Michigan Department of Community Health shows there has been a total of 355 flu-related hospitalizations in Michigan this flu season.  There were 14 last week.

Reports of flu-like symptoms remained steady across most of Michigan last week.  The highest rate of reports continues to come from northern Michigan.

Slow and steady has described the spread of the flu for many weeks.  Now, those weeks are adding up to make 2012-2013 a bad flu season.

The chart below shows what percentage of visits to hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices were for flu-like symptoms over a number of different years in Michigan.

This year's peak is much lower than some other years, but the overall length of the flu season is much longer.

View the entire report from the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Michigan Department of Community Health