It's been a tough summer, safety wise, in Lake Michigan.  Several drownings or near-drownings with the Coast Guard called out numerous times for search and rescue.

What's up with people?  If the red flags are flying it means DANGER - DO NOT SWIM.  Simple, right?  Apparently not for a lot of folks who dive in anyway.  The rip current gets them.  But, you think, I can swim...I'll just swim to shore.

WZZM 13's Sarah Barwacz decided to check out rip currents.  She went to the Spring Lake's Fitness and Aquatics Center. The pool there can simulate the same speed you'd face in a rip current.

Directors say the current is at 10 to 15 miles an hour. Just like ordinary rip currents-- most of the movement is below the surface. It makes it easy to drown without anyone realizing you're labored.

What's the answer? If the red flag is flying it's there for a reason, so, STAY OUT OF THE WATER!