She fell, but she got right back up again and finished with a higher score than last week.  Kirstie Alley and dancing partner received a 21 for last night's performance.  To be fair it was partner Maks Chmerkovski, who collapsed  to the dance floor.

This morning, Maks said on Good Morning America, that it was "like a charley horse" that made his leg give out. But, he added, "It's sore. It's fine. It's not a pain that's going to stop me."

USA Today

Maks later tweeted to fans

To all the fans...I'm sorry! It will never happen again and I will never 'fall'! To @kirstiealley You were..FLAWLESS! In more ways than one!

Kirstie seemed to be in good spirits, tweeing back:

I salute u... U r a gladiator .... A champion... I'm honored to be your partner.


And, addressing fans, she wrote:

Thank u all for your support and your votes.... Sort of a beauty in Live TV... Because it's live... Anything can happen... gotta love it!!!!