Mmmmm.  Fudge.  Tasty.

Just a heads up, though, that Kilwins is recalling all 7-ounce packages of the peanut butter fudge sold in its retail stores between Oct. 1, 2011 and last Friday.

The reason?  An ingredient used to make it is associated with a recall linked to 35 salmonella illnesses in 19 states.

It's important to stress that NO illnesses have been reported in connection with Kilwins' product.

If you've purchased Kilwins Fudge, check the package for bar code 000648. 

From the story on WOODTV.COM:

The FDA found salmonella at a Sunland, Inc., plant in New Mexico. The plant produces nut butters for national retailer Trader Joe's and several other grocery chains. The Trader Joe's peanut butter is linked to the salmonella illnesses.

Affected fudge may be returned for a refund or consumers may contact Kilwins at 231.758.3903.

The Grand Rapids Kilwins on the corner of Monroe Center and Monroe Avenue never sold any of the affected fudge, according to store management.