It sure has been a busy life for Kelly Clarkson since she won the first season of American Idol.  Last week marked the release of her fifth album Stronger. It seems that she keeps following one hit after another.  This may go on forever.  Not!  No singing superstar can sustain the hectic pace of delivering hit songs and selling albums, let along the touring that has to go along with it.


Kelly Clarkson doesn't see herself doing it, either.  She's quoted as saying, "I love music, but hopefully I'm, like, married with four kids!"  "I love what I do right now, but I live a very single life.  I'm enjoying that, but I don't plan on doing this forever."  Once she settles down and starts a family her music career will take a backseat.


But, right now, Kelly Clarkson isn’t going anywhere.  Enjoy "Mr. Know It All."