Another bit of good news for Grand Rapids...

Kellogg's announced they'll be opening a GR business center in 2014! They're working on a Global Business Services program to create owned/operated facilities that will take care of regional projects.

Grand Rapids is the home of their new regional "North American GBS Service Center" and it will bring 300-600 jobs in Finance, IT, Supply Chain and HR when at full capacity in 2016.

WOODTV says the GBS Center will be at Patterson Avenue near 52nd Street in Cascade Township, where Zondervan was previously located.

With a commitment to retaining jobs in Michigan, the Grand Rapids location was chosen based on a variety of factors, including operating costs and the availability of suitable, existing facilities.

“Grand Rapids is a vibrant community and urban center of a growing region of more than 1 million people,” Bryant said. “As Michigan’s second-largest city, and a short distance from our headquarters, Grand Rapids is known for its proximity to major markets — including Chicago and Detroit — as well as affordable commercial space and a highly qualified workforce.”

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