Here is something cool when it comes to computers.

If you're like me, I know just enough to be dangerous.  Yes, I can work my way through many computer tasks, after all, in broadcasting I'm working with computers all day, in the studio, in my office, when I'm on the phone, or remote broadcasts.

But, for a lot of folks, the opportunities aren't always there, so it's difficult to "stay-on-pace,"  to keep up with technology.

   That is why, whether you’re a computer novice or looking to update your skills, KDL’s (Kent District Library) free computer classes and workshops for job seekers can help you.  Registration is now open for their January classes which include:

- Computer Basics: Mousing and More

- Computer Basics: Where’s My Stuff?

- Digital Photos: Online Photo Editing Fun

- Gadgets: BYO eReader & Tablet Users Group (pre-registration not required)

- Hot Tech Topic: Gadget Petting Zoo (pre-registration not required)

- Internet: Create Your Own Website or Blog

- Internet: Email Basics

- Internet: Internet Basics & More

- Internet: Online Genealogy Research I & II

- Internet: The 24/7 Library: Resources for Book Lovers

- Job Seekers: Career Transitions Workshops: Developing Your Personal Brand (pre-registration not required)

- Job Seekers: Career Transitions Workshops: Communicating Your Brand (pre-registration not required)

- Job Seekers: Career Transitions Workshops: Networking (pre-registration not required)

- Job Seekers: Career Transitions Workshops: LinkedIn Bookcamp (pre-registration not required if you bring your own laptop)

- Job Seekers: Career Transitions Workshops: Behavioral Interviewing & Effective Negotiating (pre-registration not required)

- Job Seekers: Office Programs for the Job Seeker

- Microsoft Excel Basics I & II

- Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

- Microsoft Word Basics I, II & III

- Speak to a Geek (pre-registration not required)

You can get class descriptions and a schedule by simply clicking HERE for the brochure, or HERE for the events calendar.

Unless otherwise noted, pre-registration is required and will begin the month before the scheduled classes on the first Monday of each month for KDL cardholders and the second Monday for non-KDL cardholders (if space is still available):

January classes: Registration began Monday, December 3 for KDL cardholders
(Monday, December 10 for non-KDL cardholders)
February classes: Registration begins Monday, January 7 for KDL cardholders
(Monday, January 14 for non-KDL cardholders)

To register, please call 616-784-2007.