I guess instead of asking you ,"Are you taking your dog to work on Take Your Dog To Work Day?" I should have asked "Can you take your dog to work on Take Your Dog To Work Day?"

June 22nd, is Take Your Dog To Work Day and this is the day that every dog in America gets to see how hard their masters work to put food into their dog bowl, provide shelter over their little heads at night, and always have a fresh bowl of water ready to drink. 

It's already been shown that places of employment that have liberal Take Your Pet To Work policies have employees that put in more hours, morale is higher and productivity increases.

There are also health benefits for people who are able to bring their dogs to work and they don't only benefit the owner, but they benefit the other employees as well!

Of course, every office has an old curmudgeon who has to ruin it for everyone else because he or she objects. But as a whole, I think everyone enjoys having their furry little friends with them during the day, even if only to lie next to you on the floor while you sit at your desk working on budget reports and other tedious work.

So are there any pet friendly employers in Grand Rapids or West Michigan?  Love to hear from you if you, and if you are, KUDOS to you!