Judd has been making some noise as Head of Household on Big Brother 15.

But nothing is louder than Judd's bear shirt.

Judd's Big Brother bear shirt has gained a cult following. 

Big Brother Houseguests rarely agree on who to nominate and vote out, but agreeing on the awesomeness of Judd's bear shirt hasn't been a problem.

The traveling Big Brother bear shirt has found numerous Houseguests wearing it.

Helen wore the bear shirt during a Veto Ceremony.  McCrae and Candice wore it too.

You know you want one.


The shirt appears to have come from Walmart, although exactly how Judd got his shirt is unclear.

The shirt is produced by the label Get A Life, which also produced some odd hot dog and hamburger shirts.

If you want one eBay may be the way to go, although the days of getting the bear shirt for $7 on eBay (see bottom) appear to be over.

Judd's Big Brother bear shirt has become an in-demand piece of high-end fashion.  One eBay seller had 16 of them on sale for months, then suddenly sold out over 2 days.  But don't worry, there's at least one more currently up for auction.

Odd shirts seem to have become an annual tradition on Big Brother.  Last year it was Dan's mysterious red shirt. This year it's Judd's bear shirt.

The bear shirt has no shortage of fans (and a few haters) on Twitter:

Team Judd will be cheering on their man either way, but it's just a little more fun with the bear shirt in play.

Read Judd's official Big Brother bio at CBS.com.

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