I saw Jackson Browne 7 years ago, at the Stranahan Theatre, in Toledo, Ohio.  In fact, it was the evening before I left Toledo to move to Grand Rapids.  He put on a three and a half hour show, because as he described, he could feel all the love coming his way and didn't want it to end.   Jackson would have played for another couple hours had the fire marshall not stopped by to tell him they had to close down the place. 

As you can imagine I have been to hundreds of concerts over my lifetime but this one, "An Evening With Jackson Browne,  The Acoustic Tour"  was easily in my Top 5.  Maybe even the Top 3.  He sat on the stage, in a semi-circle of about 12 guitars, and sung his songs.  He would pick up a different guitar that he wrote a particular song on and share the story of the song. One of my favorites was the story about Don Henley and Hotel California.   He is an amazing story teller and artist.  All I can say is if you want a lasting memory of one of the best concerts you will ever see THIS is that concert!