The holidays can be your favorite time of the year, or the most dreaded.  The pressures of shopping, food, family, being alone, can all lead to holiday depression.

Happiness is what you make it.  And, at this time of year, maybe we need to remember four easy steps to improving your quality of life...your happiness.

1.  Do Good Deeds - Researchers found that performing actis of kindness make people happier.

2.  Get Exercise - According to research, exercise has the same kind of physical effects on the brain as antidepressants.

3.  Get Hugged - Again, more research has found that people who were hugged frequently were happier that those who weren't.

4.  Get a Pet - Studies show that pets are as good at providing social support as other humans.

Let's hope you're 2011 holidays are joyful for all!