I've always joked that "I'm no MENSA candidate, but I'm not stupid, either" when talking to people.  But I gotta be honest, hearing that there are now TWO 2-year-olds in MENSA makes me wonder how stupid I really am!

Earlier this year, they welcomed Emmelyn Roettger, who was just shy of her 3rd birthday.  She is the youngest U.S. member of the group. Doctors initially thought she was autistic because she appeared to avoid eye contact; turns out she just needed glasses.

Now, Anthony Popo Urria is the youngest Canadian in MENSA!  He's two years old and has an estimated IQ of 154.  He can recite the alphabet backward and forward, count to 1,000 and name all the planets in the solar system.  He also can speak in three languages: English, Spanish and some Romanian.

Okay, I'm out...I'm an idiot compared to these two kids.