After a long winter and chilly start to spring, we're all looking forward to summer.

Not so fast.

All that ice that still remains on the Great Lakes may mean summer will be cooler than we'd like.

It's not much of a surprise that summer could be shaping up to be a little cooler than normal, but a report like this confirming the expected cooler summer makes it all sink in.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the current amount of ice on the Great Lakes could create a colder-than-usual summer.

At least one Great Lakes ice researcher thinks that the domino effect could continue into a chilly fall and an early start to next winter — and beyond.

The reason is the unusually late ice cover that remains on the Great Lakes. Heading into May, the Great Lakes combined remain 26% ice-covered, with Lake Superior still more than half-blanketed in ice. By comparison, at this time last spring the lakes were less than 2% covered with ice.

Hope we didn't just ruin your day and/or summer.

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