It's Fall, and not usually a time that ice cream dominates our minds as it may do in the summer.

But, today, I can't help myself, because Hudsonville Ice Cream is introducing one new flavor and bringing back two longtime favorites – just in time for fall.

Oh, my.....holy "tin roof" Batman, I just know my freezer will soon have these.
Hudsonville Ice Cream is introducing Seaside Caramel as its new fall flavor.  (My heart be still.) Chocolate-covered salted caramels are enrobed in vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel ribbon to create this new mouthwatering flavor.  (I can't stand it!  Bring it on!!)


Hudsonville Ice Cream

Seaside Caramel joins perennial holiday favorite Pumpkin and newcomer but much-loved Country Apple Pie as Limited Edition flavors this fall.

Hudsonville Ice Cream always offers a rotation of seasonally inspired ice creams that capture the best fruits and flavors that the Midwest has to offer – from Peppermint Stick on shelves each winter to this summer’s smash hit, Pure Michigan Caramel Apple.
Hudsonville Ice Cream sure had a great summer this year.  Its new Tiger Traxx ice cream became the official ice cream of the Detroit Tigers, and we know what the Tigers are doing right now...getting ready for the World Series.  Who knows, maybe it was the Tiger Traxx that pushed them over the top.
Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream has been a part of West Michigan for over 100 years,  getting its start in 1895 in Hudsonville as a farmers’ cooperative which later began using its fresh milk and cream to make ice cream. Today, as they say, the rest is history!