The Detroit Tigers have a slim first place lead over the Chicago White Sox.  The regular season is set to end on Wednesday, October 3.  For the first time since Opening Day, it seems more likely than not that the Detroit Tigers will make the playoffs.

Will they?  How far will the Detroit Tigers go this season?

Just a couple of weeks ago the playoffs seemed like wishful thinking for Tigers fans.  Good to see things change.

The Tigers are beginning to play well at the right time of the season.  After months of underachieving, could they make up for it all in the weeks to come?

With last year's MVP and Cy Young Award winner on the mound in Justin Verlander, the Tigers have a player capable a carrying them a long ways into the playoffs.  Not to mention a supporting cast which includes the player who deserves to win this year's MVP, Miguel Cabrera.

The Tigers will have to prove that they can win on the road if they are to have a long run into the playoffs.  Can they do it?