One of the things Andy and I talk about off-air, is how lucky we are to have so many people spend part of their day listening to us on WTRV. Maybe he and I should spend a little more time saying thank you on-air. How about if I say it, and Andy writes the thank you notes. The timing is right. Reader's Digest says this

week is “Etiquette Week”. Etiquette experts universally lament that ‘thank-you notes’ are on the endangered-habits list. A few guidelines on the subject ...

• You should write a thank-you note within a day or two of receiving a gift.

• After your wedding, you have 6 weeks to send thank-yous but sooner is always better.

• It’s a habit best started when you’re young, so see to it that your kids write thank-yous for gifts.

• Steer clear of pre-written thank-you cards. They don’t really convey much appreciation.

• After dinner in someone’s home, it’s proper to thank your host with a call the next day, followed by a quick thank-you note.

• Always send thank-you notes to potential employers after an interview, thanking them for their time and interest.