An early start to winter has brought an early start to pothole season too.

Potholes are causing problems in West Michigan.

Learn how to report potholes and how to file a damage claim if your vehicle is damaged by a pothole.

Reporting potholes is easy.

There's a form for potholes on Grand Rapids city streets.

There's another form for Michigan state roads. That's roads that start with "M", "I", or "US".

Taking care of damages caused by potholes is a major headache. explains how to file a claim for damages caused from a pothole on a state road:

If you believe your vehicle has sustained damages on a state trunkline, from a pothole or other cause, you can contact the MDOT office in the region where the damages occurred, about filing a damage claim.   The state will consider an award only for the damages beyond what has been paid by your insurance company, and the state must have been aware of the pothole for 30 days without repairing it in order for a claim to be eligible for reimbursement.

There are different procedures to be followed depending on the extent of the damages. Learn about the process here.

Here's hoping you never need that damage claim info.

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